Grant Reeves


Dee Dee Bridgewater

A1 Lonely Disco Dancer

A2 When Love Comes Knockin'

A3 One In A Million (Guy)

A4 Gunshots In The Night


Side Two

B1 When You're In Love

B2 That's The Way Love Should Feel

B3 Give In To Love

B4 Jody (Whoever You Are)




Produced, arranged and conducted by Thom Bell and Casey James.


Dee Dee Bridgewater(vocals)

Grant Reeves(saxophones)

Thom Bell(keyboards)

Casey James(keyboards)

Bobby Eli(guitar)

Billy Neale(guitar)

Bob Babbitt(bass)

Charles Collins(drums)

Larry Washington(percussion)

Leroy Bell(percussion)

Don Renaldo & His Strings and Horns(strings, horns)

George Merrill(background vocals)

Frankie Bleu(background vocals)

Carl Helm(background vocals)

Barbara Ingram(background vocals)

Carla Benson(background vocals)

Yvette Benton(background vocals)



Dee Dee Bridgewaters's final Elektra effort represents her most concentrated attempt at crossover hit

collaboration with Philly soul architect Thom Bell, this selftitled set bears all the hallmarks of the

postdisco Philadelphia International sound, couching Bridgewater's potent vocals in a series of lush,

sophisticated settings.






Steve Narahara


Steve Narahara - Sierra



This is a great star-studded fusion album by guitarist Steve Narahara which was released in 1983 on Pausa Records, it was produced by Dan Siegel and features Dan Siegel, Tom Scott, Neil Stubenhaus, John Robinson, Abe Laboriel, Ndugu Chancler, Paul Jackson Jr., Paulinho Da Costa, Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Grant Reeves, Rob Thomas and Carlton Jackson.


1. The Hunt

composed by:Grant Reeves

2. Canadian Sunset

3. It Has To Have Love

composed by:Grant Reeves

4. Sierra

5. A Place In The Sun

6. At First Site

7. Short Notice

8. Kris

Randy Meisner



Randy Meisner, known as ex singer bass player of Poco / The Eagles, is still active for touring with the World Classic Rockers. After leaving the Eagles in 1977, Randy released 3 solo studio recording albums in early 80's before re-participating in Poco and released the album "Legacy" in 1989, as you know. Randy also continued to record huge demos during the late 70's 80's and the early 90's, which remained unreleased until today. You can listen to these hidden pieces including 4 songs collaborated with Bruce Gaitsch in mid 80's on the CD "Love Me Or Leave Me Alone" now.


  • Label : Faithful Records, Japan (DIFR-0001)
  • Release Date: December 12, 2003
  • Producers: Joey Stec, Bruce Gaitsch, Art Ford, Billy Swan, Charlie Rich Jr., Reggie Fisher, Steve Diamond, Ron Wikso, Michael Monarch and himself
  • Randy Mesiner : Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
  • Musicians:
    • Keyboards: Brooke Lizotte, Grant Reeves, Steve Stewart
    • Drums: Michael DeRosier, John Molo, Ron Wikso
    • Bass: Gary Shelton
    • Guitars: John Morton, Roger Fisher, Billy Swan, Nick St. Nicholas, Michael Monarch, Kurt Griffey
    • Steel Guitar: Vern Monnett
    • Sax: Grant Reeves
    • Background Vocals: Billy Swan, Charlie Rich, Jr., Nick St. Nicholas, Michael Monarch, Ron Wikso, Rosilee, Kurt Griffery, Steve Stewart

Perry Mills Project

The Perry Mills Project: Buy



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Perry Mills – electric and acoustic guitars, vocals • Mark McCartney – drums, percussion, backing vocals • Bob Villwock – keyboards, backing vocals • Michael Manring – bass • Grant Reeves – alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet • Mark Maxwell – tenor saxophone "" • Maurice Montgomery – trumpet, flugelhorn • Tanya Scarlett – backing vocals


Producers: Bob Villwock, Michael Logue, Perry Mills, Mark McCartney • Executive producer: Perry Mills • Recorded and mixed at SunSound Studios, Grass Valley, CA • Recording and mixing engineer: Michael Logue • Mastered at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA • Mastering engineer: Evren Göknar • Horn arrangements by Grant Reeves • Vocal arrangements by Tanya Scarlett, Perry Mills, and Bob Villwock



© 2008 VerySomething Records



1. Just Tell Me the Truth (5:43)

2. Pick up the Call (6:02)

3. Man on a Mission (4:41)

4. Just Say No (5:25)

5. What Elephant? (5:05)

6. You and Me (4:11)

7. Existential Blues (6:33)

8. Caught in the Act (4:36)

9. Cetacean Aviation (5:18)

10. Chromatica (6:36)

Total time = 54:19

Dan Siegel

Dan Siegel / Reflections



Class Reunion


City Lights 






Joy Ride



Memories of the West



Love Lost



In the Beginning



Storm Stories





John Morton / Guitar

Grant Reeves / Sax (Alto)

Dan Siegel / Keyboards, Main Performer, Producer

Richard Smith / Guitar

Walter Auer / Viola

Lee Bradford / Trumpet

Jeff Defty / Cello

Charlie Dowd / Timbales

Mark Gaulke / Trumpet

Evelyn Smith / Violin

Jerry Sokolov / Trumpet

Rob Thomas / Bass

Gary Hobbs / Drums

Bruce Smith / Percussion

Garry Hagberg / Guitar

Jeff Homan / Saxophone

Don Lax / Violin

Mark Pearson

Mark Pearson with McCoy 

Between Friends 


Produced by Bob Flick 

Engineered by Reed Ruddy 

Mixed by Bob Flick and Reed Ruddy 

Recorded live before a studio audience at Kaye Smith Studios 

 (September 1981) 

Mixed at Kaye Smith Studio, Seattle, Washington 

The Band: 

Mark Pearson: vocals and rhythm guitar 

Mike McCoy: vocals 

Ted Brancato: piano 

Tom Collier: drums 

Dan Dean: bass 

Bob Haworth: guitar, banjo, vocals 

 (“I Tried Not Falling in Love”) 

John Morton: lead guitar 

Tim Celeski: percussion 

Stan Eike: lead guitar 

 (“The Café” and “Leave the World Outside Tonight”) 

Grant Reeves: saxophone 

Dick Powell: harmonica 

All tunes by Mark Pearson 

© Winners and Losers Music (BMI) 

Additional Tracks: 

Recorded at Meany Hall by Reed Ruddy 

 (June 22, 1983) 

All tunes by Mark Pearson 

©Love Gives More Music (BMI) 

Lyrics used by permission/All Rights Reserved 

The Band: 

Mark Pearson: vocals and rhythm guitar 

Mike McCoy: vocals 

Ted Brancato: piano/keyboards 

Tom Collier: drums 

Dan Dean: bass 

John Morton: guitar 

Grant Reeves: saxophone and flute 


This album was previously released 

on the Music Is Medicine Label.  MIM 9053


 Billy Burns, Neil Roberts, Grant Reeves, Art Ford, John Morton, Brooke Lizotte -- 1977 - 1978 


Seattle, Washington 

1975 ~ 1978